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Wave Service, a superior optical network solution Secure, high-speed and reliable performance.

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Wave Service meets your demands for an economical solution delivering a large, dedicated broadband service that is secure, reliable and scalable.

Ensure security and privacy of your data

Wave Service protects your corporate and customer data on high-speed links between your most significant sites and data centers. This point-to-point (P2P) private network transport provides customers with 10G and 100G speeds using optical wavelengths across our nationwide, fiber network. Our high-availability connectivity, with low latency, securely connects your business-critical applications to major data centers, carrier hotels and enterprise locations.

Provide the demand for high-bandwidth applications

Network traffic continues to grow at an astonishing rate. This demand strains the paths between data centers and business offices and can result in costly and complex network upgrades. Wave Service is built to adapt and support these bandwidth obstacles. This cost-effective, P2P optical wavelength service can support both regional and national requirements. It’s application agnostic and assists all your vital applications and cloud solutions.

Confidence in the reliable platform for business continuity

This robust network offers some of the most unique and direct paths to support a range of customer route requirements. There’s more than 30K miles of fiber carrying large amounts of data over a geographically dispersed, nationwide footprint. With coast to coast connectivity, you have countless alternatives for routing, diversity and network reliability throughout the country. And, with high network availability and aggressive SLAs, you can trust the effectiveness of Wave Service data transport.


  • Dedicated, private, secure network for transport of latency-sensitive applications
  • Geographically diverse routes covering a nationwide footprint
  • Enable a high-capacity network connection that can cost-effectively carry any business application
  • Aggressive availability and performance SLAs

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