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T-Mobile Direct Connect Plus

T-Mobile Direct Connect Plus is a push-to-talk solution that keeps your workforce in constant real-time communication with each other, support teams and headquarters.

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Why migrate to T-Mobile Direct Connect Plus?

You get some great benefits when you choose to migrate to the next generation of SDC.

  • Quality of Service. While on the T-Mobile network, your push-to-talk calls made on Sprint’s push-to-talk devices receive priority during times of high network utilization. Only T-Mobile offers this feature free of charge.
  • Experienced support. Did you know T-Mobile was a pioneer of push-to-talk? In fact, nobody has more expertise or a longer track record of supporting push-to-talk.
  • A world-class converged network. The T-Mobile LTE Plus network is a multi-spectrum, high-speed, high-capacity managed network that’s reliable, secure and resilient.
  • A one-stop shop. In addition to your push-to-talk service, you can also get the best price for unlimited and a portfolio of industry-leading business solutions, all from a single provider.

There’s no reason to wait.

The current SDC service will still be available through the first part of 2019. But you’ll want to migrate to SDC Plus now so you can take advantage of the new features and functionality. For example:

  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration allows communication between traditional two-way radios and your T-Mobile PTT service
  • Cross-Carrier Interoperability enable T-Mobile PTT capable devices on other carrier networks
  • Wi-Fi Only PTT  enables your Wi-Fi only device to communicate with your T-Mobile PTT devices
  • You can now use SDC Plus on select tablets.
  • Presence allows you to see whether a user is available before you press the button.
  • International Roaming allows you to use your device to make a push-to-talk call anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular data coverage.
  • The new CAT tool has greater functionality for managing contacts.

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Corporate Administration Tool (CAT) – Introduction

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